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Brackets / Mounting Hardware

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DACO Precision-Tool produces hundreds of different sized L brackets for various customers and hardware distributors across the country as well as abroad. Serving a number of industries, including automotive, RV’s, lawn & garden, appliances, furniture, computers, and military, our custom brackets support brackets, are used in applications, such as mounting brackets, supports, assemblies, sensor brackets, as well as mounting sensors. DACO can produce metal L brackets and steel brackets of just about any size, length, width, thickness, and hole pattern.

Most L brackets are easily tooled up and produced on one of our many Master Tools, offering customer saving in both start-up as well as tooling costs. DACO also designs all ...
Lever Handles

Levers & Handles

DACO Precision-Tool produces a range of custom levers and handles and specialty levers and handles, in a multitude of sizes and shapes, for customers and hardware distributors across the country and abroad. Our levers and handles are employed in electronics, computer, machinery, appliance, marine, and military applications.

All our levers and handles can be made from different types of steel and or other metals, along with heat treatment as well as finishing services such as zinc plating or painting. DACO can tool and produce these parts with one of our many different master tools, offering customer’s savings in both start-up and tooling costs. All tools are designed and built with raw material cost saving in ...
Specialty Brackets and Parts

Mounting Components

DACO produces all types mounting hardware and brackets, including support, shelf, assembly, hanger, strut components, sensor mounts, and sensor brackets, and many more. Most mounting brackets and hardware components are used in assemblies or where 2 or more components are fastened together (appliance, automotive, truck, lawn & garden, aero-space, computer, machine, small & large engine, marine, recreational vehicles, etc).

Many brackets and hardware parts can be made using our low cost master tooling, saving on initial tooling and start-up costs.

Provide your product design to our engineering department thru the use of the "RFI" Request for Information selection button. Simply attach your design and submit your request. ...
Countersunk Nut Plate

Nut Plates

We manufacture stamped nut plates and stud plates from a range of treated and untreated materials. With our turnkey metal stamping services, we can produce a wide range of nut plates as per client requirements. We provide a wide range of products for the aerospace, automotive, and agricultural industries, which order large quantities of custom nut plates. In addition, we service a number of other industries, including construction, off-road equipment (service and recreational vehicle) manufacturers, and electronics.

Based on your design requirements, we produce nut plates in a variety of configurations involving different combinations of materials, thicknesses, holes, hole sizes, slots, thread styles, and pin orientations. ...
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