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Fasteners / Shims & Spacers

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Fasteners / Shims & Spacers

DACO produces a variety of shims and spacers to meet their existing client’s needs and ready to design your custom tooling to meet your design specifications. We will produce any size or shaped part to your demanding needs.

We can produce Shims in many forms such as: Round Shims, Die Punch Shims, Horse Shoe Shims, Notched or Tabbed Shims, Slotted Shims (with or without tabs) and even Shim Disks.

We will produce those parts for you in any one of these materials but not limited to these Metal types: Steel, Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Stainless, etc. Shims can also be heat treat hardened and used as wear plates etc, plated, or painted.

In the unit of measure that is required for your application in both inch & ...
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