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Specialty Washers & Machinery Bushings

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Specialty Washers

Specialty Washers

DACO Precision-Tool has been producing as well as supplying specialty washers to various OEM and distributor customers since 1984. Our special washers and custom washers are produced from a range of materials, including low and high carbon steels, stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminum, phosphor bronze, and other alloys. DACO produces all different types, shapes, and sizes of specialty washers (AS SHOWN).

Some specialty washers we produce include Bellville washers, Conical Washers, Bow washers, Tooth washers, Wave washers, Hardened washers, Ground washers, C washers, and D washers.

Our experienced sales and engineering staff can help you with the best material options as well as other service options, such as heat ...
Machine Bushings

Machinery Bushings

Machinery bushings are needed and used in different applications, part, and service areas, as shims, spacers, bushings, and wear plates. In addition, washer bushings can take up play or fill a gap, and in many cases are designed into new part designs as well as used for repairs on existing products or assemblies.

DACO Precision-Tool produces a full range of narrow and wide rim machinery bushings for a variety of customers and hardware distributors across the country plus abroad. We also stock a full range of bushings in different sizes, all made with ID bolt clearance, along with narrow rim or wide rim profiles. Our capabilities also extend to the production of heavy gage sizes, such as 3/16” thick and special order 1/4” thick ...
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