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Nut Plates

We manufacture stamped nut plates and stud plates from a range of treated and untreated materials. With our turnkey metal stamping services, we can produce a wide range of nut plates as per client requirements. We provide a wide range of products for the aerospace, automotive, and agricultural industries, which order large quantities of custom nut plates. In addition, we service a number of other industries, including construction, off-road equipment (service and recreational vehicle) manufacturers, and electronics.

Based on your design requirements, we produce nut plates in a variety of configurations involving different combinations of materials, thicknesses, holes, hole sizes, slots, thread styles, and pin orientations. Furthermore, our nut plates can be attached using different methods, including weld-in-place, snap-ring retention, snap-in-place, and tab-in-place.

We manufacture nut plates using auto-feed presses and tapping machines saving our customers costly time and labor, DACO also uses high-speed vibratory finishing machines, we clean and deburr components and products to make them safe for handling. The fabricated components can be either supplied to clients as unfinished products or sent out for finishing services, which include heat treating, plating, painting, and powder coating.

Our packaging service include heat-seal bagging and boxing of parts kits to ensure that the client receives all components expected with a part group. For example, we packaged a nut plate that was fabricated to a client’s specification, with corresponding loose mounting hardware and instructions supplied by the client.

Provide your product design to our engineering department thru the use of the "RFI" Request for Information selection button. Simply attach your design and submit your request. We'll review your design and make contact with you prior to the generating a quote for your review.

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Part Quantities

We have the ability to produce single components for prototype purposes, up to production runs of a hundred thousand or more.


+/- 0.005 on average production runs but not limited to...
We will meet or exceed our customer's design requirements.

Lead Times

DACO time line for production required.........Here.

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Quality Certification

ISO 9001:2008 Certified


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