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Die Cast Tooling

We custom build die casting and injection tooling (including Trim Dies), used in the manufacture of metallic and non-metallic components. Our tooling division can make dies for components of varied sizes and materials. For instance, our tools have been used in the manufacture of products ranging from small plastic toys to heavy-duty military equipment.

Die casting and injection tooling types that we manufacture include die cast molds, plastic injection molds, multi-cavity dies, and master unit dies (MUD).

We build die cast tooling with single or multiple cavities for brass, zinc and aluminum castings. If required, we can offer trim tools for cast parts as well.

Plastic injection molds are available with both conventional runner systems and hot runner systems. We make modular molds with built-in side action and complimentary tooling for over molds too.

Our multi-cavity dies and master unit dies are suitable for both metal and plastic applications. M.U.D. units can be made with built-in unit holders in standard or specialty M.U.D. sizes.

2D and 3D CAD/CAM software packages, including SolidWorks and AutoCAD, are used to design dies in-house. While designing dies, our designers take into consideration all the operational factors of the dies. For example, tools used for high-volume production are designed factoring in longevity.

Low-cost dies for prototyping or sample applications can be built in short time frames. Also, we can modify, troubleshoot, and repair your existing tools and dies.

Provide your product design to our engineering department thru the use of the "RFI" Request for Information selection button. Simply attach your design and submit your request. We'll review your design and make contact with you prior to the generating a quote for your review.

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Part Quantities

We have the ability to produce a low cost die for prototype purposes, or we can build a long lasting tool to support high production requirements. We can build you a high-grade tool that is capable several hundred thousand cycles or more.

Note: DACO does not perform any casting services, but only produces the tooling for that process.


+/- 0.0005 for an average production run die, but not limited to.
We will produce a die to meet or exceed your design specification.

Types of Tooling

Aluminum Die Cast Molds
Zinc Die cast Molds
Magnesium Die Cast Molds
Brass Die Cast Molds
Multi Cavity Dies
Regular / Heavy Duty Molds

Tool Sizes

DACO Precision can create tooling for applications smaller than 1” x 1” x 1” up to large castings exceeding 3 feet in length or height.
The heaviest tool built to date was 30,000 pounds, though we are capable of larger dies.


Common Aluminum Die Casted Products:
  • Engine Blocks
  • Housings
  • Cylinder heads
  • Pump Housings
  • Engine Heads
  • And Many Others

  • Common Zinc Die Casted Products:
  • Electric Motor Casings
  • Faucet Heads
  • Handles
  • Housings
  • Zippers

  • Common Magnesium Die Casted Products:
  • Automotive Parts
  • Electronic Components
  • Appliance Assemblies
  • Power Tool Assemblies

  • Common Brass Die Casted Products:
  • Pipe and Valve Fittings
  • Decorative Handles
  • Marine Products
  • Medical Products


    ·  Machining of Dies for Injection Molding

    ·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 1

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    ·  Part from Die Casting Molds 8

    ·  Part from Die Casting Molds 9

    ·  Injection Molding Die-Set

    ·  Trim Die-Half

    ·  Part from Die Casting Molds 10

    ·  Die Cast Mold Set 2

    ·  Graphite/Carbon Master Profiles for Tooling

    ·  Tooling Insert for Die Cast Mold

    ·  Half Die Cast Mold Set

    ·  Die cast Molds

    ·  Parts from Die Casting Molding 11

    ·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 12

    ·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 13

    ·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 14

    ·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 15

    ·  Large Die Cast Mold Set

    ·  Trim Die-Set

    ·  Carbon used to make Die Cast on Right

    ·  Die Cast, Baking Pan

    ·  Die Casting Tool

    ·  Die Casting Tool 1

    ·  Die Casting, New Tool


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