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Multi-Cavity Tooling

DACO Precision keeps the customer’s needs in mind. If a high-output tool is required, we would suggest a multi-cavity tool. This particular type of mold has multiple chambers, which allows casters (or injectors) to produce multiple parts each cycle. We have the machinery and the people to create a smooth running multi-cavity mold.

To build a long-lasting quality die, DACO insists on using high quality, certified materials when constructing any tooling. Our tooling technicians work very hard to provide customers with a high-performing, quality mold that will run thousands of high quality parts.

DACO has many years of experience in designing and building die cast & plastic injection molds. We are highly qualified and are ISO 9000:2008 certified.

Provide your product design to our engineering department thru the use of the "RFI" Request for Information selection button. Simply attach your design and submit your request. We'll review your design and make contact with you prior to the generating a quote for your review.

 Specifications   Capabilities   Equipment List:   

Part Quantities

Depending on the desired part size, we can create a tool that will produce 2 to 24 parts per cast or injection cycle. This can be very beneficial for high-demand products.


+/- 0.0005 for an average production run die, but not limited to.
We will produce a die to meet or exceed your design specification.

Types of Tooling

Die Cast Molds/Dies Including:
  • Aluminum Die Cast
  • Zinc Die Cast
  • Brass Die Cast
  • Magnesium Die Cast

  • Plastic Injection Molds Including:
  • Thermoplastic
  • Thermo-set
  • Compression
  • Over Molds
  • Rubber Injection
  • Tool Sizes

    We can build tools with Mold Bases up to 50 x 70 inches.


    Casting Multiple metal or plastic parts per one cycle. This can be applied to increase overall production rates for products that need higher production rates than a single cavity die can produce.


    ·  Die Cast Mold Set 2

    ·  Die cast Molds

    ·  Die-Set Half

    ·  Platic Inject Tooling Die Half

    ·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 14

    ·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 15

    ·  Large Die Cast Mold Set


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