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EDM Electrode Design & Machining

DACO can design and machine EDM Electrodes to almost any shape or style using the latest Solid Works Design software, and can machine all electrodes in-house on their high speed CNC Graphite/Carbon Cutting Machine. DACO can do it all in-house (design, machine, burn, or cut), or we are happy to help support other tool & die shops and customers with simply the design work and or the EDM electrodes.

DACO has "Sinker or Ram" type EDM Machines, so they can quickly react and help their customers with any EDM work that might be needed, including high surface finish, and hand finishing and polishing work after EDM'ing if needed.

Please let us know if we can help you with your design needs; by forwarding your product designs to our engineering department by using the "RFI" Request for Information selection button and simply attach your documents and submit your request for quote.

 Specifications   Capabilities   Equipment List:   

Part Quantities

We have the ability to produce a single die for prototype purposes, or to support production die requirements with quantities of up to a hundred or more.


+/- 0.0004 for an average production run die, but not limited to.
We will produce a die to meet or exceed your design specification.

Lead Times

We pride ourselves on quick turn around of design concept tooling to completed production tooling.
Your product's design specifications, overall size and thickness of the material it will be forming will determine our tooling fabrication lead times.


Casting of Metals
Molding of Plastics


·  Carbon Graphite CNC Mill

·  Carbon used to make Die Cast on Right

·  Graphite Carbon Cutting CNC Mill

·  Tool Design and Part Review

·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 2

·  Graphite/Carbon Master Profiles for Tooling

·  Large MITS Conventional EDM

·  Part from Die Casting Molds 5

·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 7

·  Parts from Die Casting Molds 12

·  Custom Molded Parts 2

·  Injection Mold

·  Replacement Components

·  EDM Carbon

·  EDM Carbon Electrodes

·  EDM Carbon Electrode, .030 thick blades

·  EDM Electrodes

·  Smaller MITS Conventional EDM


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