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Custom Made Stamping / Value Added Operations

Custom Made Stampings: DACO's production department run's many custom made stampings and larger parts (up to 5/16" thick) for a variety of different customers and markets including, (farm implement, lawn & garden, commercial, industrial, military, and others), these parts are made to the customers specifications and part prints, many of these parts are blanked, formed, and sometimes require secondary operations and light assemblies which can all be done (in-house) by DACO.

Value Added Operations: DACO performs all types of secondary and value added operations on all different types of materials including steel, non-ferrous metals, and plastics (bending, punching, machining, thread tapping, spot welding, riveting, blind and threaded inserts, sorting, de-burring, light assemblies, bagging and special packaging including customer supplied components that might also be needed.

Laser Cut Parts, Secondary Forming, Bending, Punching, CNC and Secondary Machining, Riveting, Spot Welding, Threading, Parts can be made complete with Blind and Threaded inserts including other special components or assemblies, Cleaning and De-burring, light assemblies, and in process or final packaging. We work with a variety of quality ISO approved suppliers for many other Outside Services, including, Zinc Plating, Painting, Heat Treating, Grinding, and many other services, we can also offer and provide our customers with completed parts or assemblies if needed.

If it's a Custom Made Stamping or a Value Added Operation, provide your product design to our engineering department thru the use of the "RFI" Request for Information selection button. Simply attach your design and submit your request. We'll review your design and make contact with you prior to the generating a quote for your review.

 Specifications   Capabilities   Equipment List:   

Part Quantities

We have the ability to produce single components for prototype purposes, up to production runs of a hundred thousand or more.


+/- 0.005 on average production runs but not limited to...
We will meet or exceed our customer's design requirements.


Vendor specified parts for production inventory and parts replacement stock


·  Plate with Multi Studed Insert

·  Bagging and Kitting

·  Crimping

·  Tapping

·  Plug

·  Sprinkler Screen

·  Housing

·  Terminal

·  Value Added Riveting

·  Zinc Plated Bracket Before & After

·  Fishing Lure Blades Plated

·  Welded Handle

·  Formed & Deep Drawn Parts

·  Insert Samples

·  Levers & Handles

·  Motor Brkt Machined & C-Sink

·  Nut Plates 2

·  Rivet & Sleeve Assembly

·  Secondary Operations 4

·  Secondary-Punching-Plastic-2

·  Bagging & Packaging

·  Electrical Hardware

·  Large Stamping 1

·  Large Stamping 2

·  Large Stamping 3

·  Large Stamping 4

·  Large Stamping 5

·  Large Stamping 6

·  Large Stamping 7

·  Secondary Operation Parts

·  Metal Stamping


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