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Design, Build & Repair of Dies / Tooling

DACO Precision-Tool can make tools and dies for many metal and non-metal fabrication processes. Whether it is something as simple as punching out a washer, or part that is very complex; we can build a die that will get the job done. We can build a die that will fit your exact application. Common die types include:
  • Progressive dies for high-production, complex parts that may require multiple bends, drawing, or other processes.
  • Compound dies for a high-accuracy, time and cost effective way to stamp flat simple parts such as washers.
  • Pierce & Cut Dies for a very cost-effective way to quickly stamp flat, “rectangular” shaped parts such as shims, spacers, and plates. This die type reduces scrap…and your raw material cost.
  • Bend/Form Dies are used to form a part into a variety of angles and shapes. This can be done as a secondary tool and operation, or it can be built into a progressive die.
DACO Precision-Tool uses a variety of 2D and 3D cad/cam Software to develop, design, and plan the layout of our dies. (see below for the full software list & details). We have the resources to build a die for any application. When high volumes of production are expected, we can build a dependable tool with longevity in mind. We can also produce low-cost tools for prototyping and sampling applications. Die protection is always on our mind, and DACO Precision-Tool can build in sensors that will help prevent costly damage to the die.

Do you have a tool/die that isn’t running right, or as quickly as you need? DACO Precision-Tool can troubleshoot, modify, and repair existing tooling to get it up and running like you need it to.

Use the “Request Information” selection to contact us. Attach your design documentation along with your contact information for our Engineering Department to review and provide you with a quote.

 Specifications   Capabilities   Equipment List:   

Part Quantities

High Volume Tooling
Low Volume Tooling

Medium Volume Tooling

Lead Times

We pride ourselves on quick turn around of design concept tooling to completed production tooling.
Your product's design specifications, overall size and thickness of the material it will be forming will determine our tooling fabrication lead times.


+/- .005 on average production tooling, but not limited to, DACO will meet or exceed customer requirements.

Types of Tooling



Pierce & Cut




Tool Sizes

Tools weighing up to 20,000 lbs, up to 6’ long and 6’ wide

Materials Used



And Others






·  Die Spread Open

·  Die Assembly

·  Progressive Die_Punch and Form

·  Compound Die

·  Final Finish Work

·  New or Old Tooling

·  New Tooling

·  New Tooling 1

·  Out Board Motor Co.

·  Revisions

·  Stamping Die

·  Tool Revisions 2

·  Trim Die


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